Valencia, the beer capital

09/04/2023 By admin

Last week I took a few days off and we went with the family to Valencia.

I already knew that there is a lot of craft beer and so I hoped to visit one or the other brewery and to try the one or the other beer. Of course, if you are traveling with a wife and two kids, the "beer time" is very limited. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce you to one or the other beer hotspot here.

In advance, I had already written to a few brewers, whether brewery visits are possible. Funnily enough, some of them were on their way to visit other breweries in other regions. Or they were on the road as Beer Judges to act as judges in various beer competitions.
Anyhow - I got a positive feedback from Paco from Senda Craft Beer. He wasn't on site, but sent me a six-pack of his beer selection via a bakery friend. How awesome is that! Thanks Paco! I took the box with me to Mallorca and will try it extensively ...

Then I got some contacts with other local brewers through my buddy Sven from Forastera Mallorca Craft Brewing Co. in Alaró - thanks Sven!!!

In Valencia's city center there are certainly a few nice restaurants and bars. However, many of them unfortunately only have standard industrial beers. How good that I found a few craft beer stores.
First of all I would like to mention Olhöps Craft Beer Lab, a small store in the city center with a few tables inside and outside and a good selection of local and international handmade beers.

I opted for a Flight to get a broader spectrum. Great store, great beers, super nice and helpful staff.

A second very awesome place I found by chance is Ruzanuvol, a nice little bar with a great selection of Italian craft beer. I tried a few beers on tap on site and picked up a nice selection in cans. Even if the beers are from Italy and not Valencia, I can only recommend this bar to beer lovers!

If you're planning a visit to the Mercado Colon, you undoubtedly can't pass the Las Cervezas de Mercado store without taking at least one look inside. The store on the lower floor of the Mercado belongs to Bierwinkel, a large beer distributor in the Valencia region. Not only can you sample different beers on tap there, but you can also buy bottles and cans - even to take home. And of course, you can also order beers to your home:
The on-site advice was very good and they pointed me to your large warehouse where you have an even larger selection. Fortunately, this warehouse was located not far from our hotel, so I could realize a little detour there. The nice thing about traveling by car, you can take home plenty of good beer....

Incidentally, next to the warehouse of Bierwinkel was another location for craft beer - the brewery of B&B Brew and Spirits. Unfortunately, it was closed and pallets of bottles and cans of beer were rotting in the yard... 🙁 As I learned, this brewery has left your location. Too bad...

On the penultimate day, I was able to visit a brewery and meet with the brewer. The way led us to the Castrum Brewery. Emiliano, the brewer received me very friendly and showed me his kingdom. I was able to taste a few of his current brews and we had a very entertaining time. Thank you Emiliano!

Surely there is still a lot of good beer and some breweries in and around Valencia. However, my time was not enough to visit more. But it will definitely not have been the last visit to Valencia on the subject of beer!

To be continued, I promise!